CVS Store Policies

- – Contact Information
  • Via Phone: 1.888.607.4CVS
  • Via e-Mial
- – Coupon Policy
CVS accepts the following types of coupons:
  1. CVS-issued coupons
  2. Manufacturer coupons
  3. Internet printables
  4. ECB (Extra Care Bucks)
  5. Local competitor coupons (in pharmacy only for prescriptions)
Guidelines & limits regarding coupon usage:
  1. Many CVS locations will only accept one CVS-issued coupon per transaction. Ask your local CVS for their policy on CVS coupon limits per transaction
  2. CVS will accept one manufacturer coupon and one CVS-issued coupon for a single item at time of purchase (unless prohibited)
  3. Coupon value will be reduced if exceeds the value of the item after discounts and coupons are applied (e.g. $1 coupons will be reduced to $0.99 when purchasing a $0.99 item)
  4. CVS does not give cash if the coupon value is greater than the cost of the item
  5. CVS will not accept coupons from other retailers
  6. CVS will only accept coupons for products carried in their store
  7. CVS will only accept coupons on or before their expiration date
Guidelines & limits regarding ECB:
  1. ECB do not count as CVS-issued coupons
  2. Many stores accept ECB 1-2 weeks after their expiration date. Ask your local store on a case-by-case basis to see if they will accept your expired ECB
  3. ECB do not cover tax and the customer must pay tax when applicable
- – Price Matching
  • CVS will price match competitors on prescriptions only
- – Additional Coupon Sources
- – Additional Discounts or Promotions
  • You can pick up a bag tag in-store and when you bring in our own bag for your purchases have it scanned to get $1 ECB for each 4 scans
- – Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Does CVS offer rain checks? How do they work?
A: CVS will issue rain checks on out-of-stock items. You can receive your rain check at customers service. CVS rain checks never expire and are good only on the item stated, unless otherwise noted.
Q: When a sale states “Get $5 ECB wyb $20 Worth” do I have to pay $20 to get the $5? Do I have to do it all in one transaction?
A: First the minimum purchase of $20 is your before coupon total, so you will not have to pay $20 if you have coupons to lower your out-of-pocket. Second, your CVS card will track your purchase, so you do not have to purchase all $20 worth of products in as single transaction unless otherwise stated. You do have to purchase them before the offer expires to get your ECB.
Q: What is the Reinventing Beauty Book or Magazine or CVS Beauty Book?
A: The Reinventing Beauty Magazine is a CVS magazine that can be found only at CVS for the low price of $0.99. Inside the magazine is a coupon pull-out, also known as the CVS Pharmacy Store Coupon Booklet. Some stores offer the pull-out coupon booklet absolutely free. However not all stores offer this, so you may have to pay the $0.99 for the magazine if you want the coupons inside.
The Reinventing Beauty Magazine and CVS Pharmacy Store Coupon Booklet can be found in store. Their location varies by store, but you can typically find them by the cash register or in the beauty section of your store. If you can’t locate either, ask an associate.
Both of these items are typically referred to as “The Beauty Book” by CVS bloggers, since they contain essentially the same coupons. The Reinventing Beauty Magazine does have additional coupons inside that aren’t included in the pull-out though.
For more information check out Reinventing Beauty Magazine.
Q: CVS stresses me out. Should I worry about losing Extra Care Bucks? If I get cheap diapers or formula, but I lose a few Extra Care Bucks, is that bad?
A: When I first started, CVS stressed me out as well! I used to think I always had to get more and more ECB and never lose any, but then suddenly I had over $60 in ECB and couldn’t roll them over each week without losing some. This is when I realized that a good deal is a good deal, even if I lose a few ECB in the process.
For example, if you stack a $5 ECB with a $5 formula coupon to snag some very cheap formula that you had to buy no matter what, then you made a wonderful purchase, even if you didn’t get any ECB back. The goal is to keep the cost of your every day items down and not to become an ECB millionaire. Some weeks you may lose ECB. Some weeks you’ll gain ECB. Just make sure you keep a few, so you can always use them to cut your OOP down!

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