Friday, June 4, 2010

Family Fun Magazine Deal from Pinching Your Pennies

Family Fun Magazine - $3.31 - 1 YEAR!!

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Term:1 Yr 10 Issues
Cover Price: $34.90
Publisher's Price: $9.95
You Pay: $3.89 (56% Savings Off Publisher's Price)
= $3.31 w/code: PINCHPENNIES15



  1. Jen,
    Hey before I go and try this I was hoping you could tell me whether i am doing it right...
    Meijer is doing 10 for 10 get 11th free... i see they have the warm delights for this deal... so I have a MFG for 0.75 for one... do i take 10 of them or 11?? Now meijer will "double" that to $1.00 so if i take 10 i get 11 for free but if i take 11 then they pay me $1.00! IS tht right?? Thanks

  2. Kari...just saw your comment! The warm delights is a great deal...just remember that Meijer only doubles two coupons that are the same--in one transaction. So, if you want more than two items, you will have to do them in separate transactions. If you do that, and still want the 11th item free deal, you will have to adjust accordingly. You can use a coupon for the 11th item, but remember, it may not double if you have more than two of the exact same coupon. Hope that helps! Let me know how it goes. And...I guess you are my new VT companion. I'll give you a call and give you all of the details...awesome!!! :)

  3. Thanks a bunch... i am gonna look for different coupons because i have two .75 that are the same and two .50 that are the same so to get that deal i need to find 7 different ones OR find more coupons on their 10 for 10 deal.. thanks a bunch... im excited to see how it goes.. and just shoot me a call anytime. Thanks