Friday, May 7, 2010

Best Deal Magazines

Best Deal Magazines has a couple great magazine deals worth mentioning.
Better Homes & Gardens – $5.99 for 1 year. Use coupon code BHGSPEC. Expires May 16.
ESPN – $3.75 for 1 year Use coupon code WKLYSPEC. Expires May 16.
Use the above two offers as a Fathers/Mother’s Day gift. Wrap the most current addition and let someone special know that the rest will be coming. It is the gift that keeps giving.
Other Coupon Codes
15% off – use coupon code PXCJ516
$5/30 – use coupon code MNDCJ516
$7.50/$40 – use coupon code MQQCJ516
$10/$50 – use coupon code MQPCJ516
All codes expire May 16, 2010
Be sure to check out magazines I did not post about. There are 100s of magazines at discounted prices.
Have a look HERE.

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