Monday, May 3, 2010

Flipbook up to 45 pages only 1.99 shipped!

Valid for the first 10,000 users, the coupon code ALLYOUMOM will get you a free 5*7 flipbook, up to 45 pages, at All you pay is 1.99 shipping.

  1. Log-in or register at
  2. Create a flipbook up to 45 pages.
  3. Choose the 5*7 size when you generate the book.
  4. Use coupon code ALLYOUMOM to get the book for free. Pay 1.99 shipping.
  5. Hurry! This code's already been out for a while, and it's going to go much more quickly now that frugalites know it's for a 45-page book, not just a 10-page one.

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